We have developed our popular cooking activities further and is now offering different workshops where you can book individual for a gastronimisk day with us in our kitchen.

Spring 2020

25 January
Baking with Håkan Thörnström
1595 kr

22 February
Food and wine 

14 March

18 April
Baking with Håkan Thörnström

30 May
Asparagus Truffle and vegetables

13 June
Best quality of meet

We offer 16 places for our workshops. After you filled in the form and sent it to us, we will send you a booking confirmation. Thereafter the booking is valid first after when you have confirmed your booking with credit card details or gift certificate number. In the case of a gift card, you make a note of this number in the comment field and we will manually confirm your booking via email.

Happy Cooking!